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Route Description

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This walk was recomended in our guide book as being one of the best walks ever and I think i have to agree. Pictured rocks certainly live up to their name.


Very warm whilst we were walking and there are no refreshment stops. Most of the route is through fairly dense forest but its along well defined tracks.

Hazards and warnings

most of the walk is fairly close to cliff edges so if you had dogs or young children you would need to be careful. It is also an area where bears are common but they usually stay away from humans.

Detailed description

A great walk in a most beautiful area, a lot of the walk is through fairly dense woodland but then you come across gaps in the trees which give wonderful veiws across lake superiors azure blue.

The first park of the walk takes you past chapel falls and brings you out at chapel rock where a tree grows from a column of rock.

fruther along you emerge from trees onto sandy beaches 300 feet above the lake, and then towards the end you can decend to a rock platform for a paddle before returning to the car park.



On the day we visited the temperatures were in the high 80s and we really didn't take enough water but apart from that i would definately recomend this walk.

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