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A long, but technically easy walk, along various dales in pretty countryside


Well drained established paths

Detailed description

Start from Over Haddon, and head down through the village, and into Lathkill Dale, follow the obvious path along one side, or the less established path on the other. Depending on the season, the river may be flowing or dry.

At the fork in the valley, carry on a little more to see the cave where the river emerges, before returning and heading up the side dale, before climbing onto typical White Peak uplands. Carry on across the fields to eventually reach a road, and after crossing the junction, pick up a footpath, marked as Limestone Way, that descends to a lower road. At the road, turn right, and follow the road until you reach a footpath on the left, which descends steeply to reach the bottom on Bradford Dale.

Carry lon downstream, past a series of lakes to reach the various road crossing below Yougreave, and then carry on to Alport. At the road, pick up the path leading along the river Lathkill, to follow it back towards Over Haddon. At the road cross the river, and head up the road, before picking up a steep footpath taking you back to Over Haddon.

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