Wirksworth Outdoors to Holly Bush Inn (walking) Route Details

Route Description

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This is quite a direct route over the tops to Makeney, there are other variations you can do to make the walk longer if you wish. We found this route was very pleasant with some up hill, a good length of time along ridges with lovely views, some woodland, lanes and fields.


This walk was taken on a day of sunshine, wind and showers. There had been a lot of rain but we thought considering this aspect the walk was not too muddy and most of it is on good surfaces including lanes,fields and footpaths.

Hazards and warnings

Near the start of the walk from the field off Gorsey Bank there is a short ascent up some stone slabs in the wood, these can sometimes be a little slippery so care is needed, it is only a very short section.

Detailed description

This is a very pleasant walk, around 8 3/4 miles, a couple of up hill bits but nothing too bad, the hardest climb probably the one at the start up from Gorsey Bank.

Our choice on this autumn day was to catch the15.08 Trent Barton 6.1 bus back from Milford.  It picks up from the main road opposite The Strutt Arms.  We left The holly Bush inn about 15 minutes before the bus was due.



Shall we go for it?

What does the forecast say now?

Go on then, it is blue sky at the moment and once we are out, we are out, whatever the weather.

I am taking my waterproof trousers just in case.

Good idea, me too and a hat.


So after a little discussion regarding kit, drinks, weather and boots we started our walk over to Makeney and a chance to sample The Holly Bush's home made pork pie.


Starting from the centre of Wirksworth I had chance to amend my footwear choice at the shop and then we set off.


The first part of the walk, past the church along the sports ground, past the residential area and up Gorsey Bank towards Alport Heights is a regular walk for us but as we turned off and headed towards Belper we entered unknown territory and that holiday feeling began to kick in as we witnessed different views, linked other routes together and found new places to wander.

Our waterproof trousers did have to come out of the bag at the high point of the walk as a sharp shower began but it didn't last long and we continued over fields and lanes to Makeney and our well deserved pork pie.



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