Walton to Shafton (Mountain Biking) Route Details

Route Description

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Nice easy riding, flatish and easy going.


Canal side paths and fairly easy going paths. Some roads, not all of which are quiet.

Hazards and warnings

Road to Shafton is quite busy.

Detailed description

Follow the transpennine trail along the old Barnley canal. I took a side trip into the woods, but that was just for fun.

After passing Royston, the canal carries on with the path beside it, until it ends at a road. Turn left and head along the fairly busy road, ignoring the transpennine trail rights which turn off this road. (there's a new bypass being built that may change the traffic) into Shafton Two Gates. At the traffic lights turn left and carry on through the village and across countryside still scarred by mining. A branch of the transpennine joins on the left, and there's a cycletrack of sorts alongside the road. At the crossroad, turn right towards the Church at Felkirk. Carry on till you reach an old railway bridge, and turn onto the footpath that head left (north) to Havercroft. Strickly speaking, you shouldn't ride on footpaths, but as the footpath follows an old railway, which is also used for farm access, and local offroad motorcyclists, I can't see the harm caused by a bike.

Carry on along the path until you climb out of the cutting which has now been filled in, and carry on along the now graveled path until Havercroft.

Take the tarmac path across the green and join the bridleway that cuts to Station Road. Then pickup the narrow winding road which runs to Wintersett, and past the various reservoirs. At the junction near Wintersett (there's a nice pub in Wintersett called the Anglers Rest), turn left for Haw Park wood. Follow the road and then gravel track into the wood. Pass through Haw Park wood, heading downhill, and rejoin your orginal track, but carry on along the old Barnsley Canal to Walton, and the start.

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