Litton Dale (walking) Route Details

Route Description

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A nice easy walk along a quiet road, into a dramatic valley, with a steep climb at the end


Road, and fairly easy paths, with a steepish climb at the end

Hazards and warnings

Old mine working may have deep shafts, not all of which are covered. Take care when venturing off the path, especially if there's evidence of disturbed ground

Detailed description

From Litton head towards the east, and then to the main road at Warlow Mires on the path which drops into the valley.

Return along the valley floor, taking a side trip to Peter's stone, an interesting mesa like rocky outcrop, before picking up the steep path on the right which climbs past old mine workings before returning to Litton.


A late and warm easter gave an opportunity to sample a short but very pretty walk in the White Peak. Litton is yet another quaint but popular village in the Peaks, but just off to the east lies some dramatic  sceanary.

Route Map

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