Elidir Fawr, Devils kitchen, Glyders.kmz (Walking) Route Details

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Nant Perris, Elidir Fawr, Y Garn, Devils Kitchen, Glyders


Cloudy moving to rain

Hazards and warnings

Hill Fog, clag...

Detailed description

Nant Perris onto the access land and straight line walk to Elidir Fawr peak (hard work but good for bearing and timimng work).

Nice easy walk round to Y Garn (you could top Foel Goch as well on the way), up Y Garn then down to the Cwm above Devil's KItchen to camp.


Round route taking to the Glyders then down to the cwm again and straight down the valley South West.


(I actually cut it short as the weather was horendous and alone I didn't fancy getting lost on the Glyders plateau. You could walk down to the col and over Tryfan but I'm unsure of the bus links - I think they work from the car park near Llyn Ogwen)


I had the most beautiful sunrise ever at 0530 at the top of Devil's Kitchen, the 2 hours later it was pelting down with 10m visibility.  I risked heading up to the Glyders but turned back after hitting the first.

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