Short Settrington Circular (Walking) Route Details

Route Description

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A lovely walk with some beautiful veiws across wolds countryside.


mostly good tracks but with some muddy sections across fields

Hazards and warnings

some small sections of road walking and a couple of feilds which have signs warning of cows (none present on our walk)

Detailed description

Start at settrington and walk along the road in the direction of north grimston. when you reach Station Cottage turn left and follow the road round to the farm. Pass the farm and over the stile turning right down hill towards the stream and cross the bridge. follow the stream along and passed the little pond.

Warning - the next field has signs for bull and cows and calves however there were none present at the time of our walk. this field is quite muddy and the stiles are not in great condition.

pass through more fields and eventually come out in North Grimston - the pub here has a good reputation for food

go through the village and along the road about 100 m - this can be quite busy so be careful.

trun left along the track and follow this as it slowly meanders up hill passing through a farm yard and along the shelter belt. the track then passes through a gate and skirts the egde of the trees before turning left and skirting the outside edge of the trees. at the signpaost turn left and decend the hill - this hill is called fizgig hill!

the track here is rather rough and soft and curve gently round to the left to pass by a farmhouse and join the farm track turning right back towards the settrington road


the weather was good as was the company - we stopped for coffee at middletone arms and had our picnic on the top of the hill

we return to the van just in time for the heavens to open and had a very welcome coffee

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