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Wanted a reasonably challenging route that would take us above 800 metres, just where the snow line was that day.


Bright, windy but warm

Hazards and warnings

Coming down the waterfall


We started the walk at about 13:30, having taken on Fish and Chips in Ambleside.  The weather was clear but windy so always had to keep an eye out for bad weather coming in.  We were lucky, it stayed clear for the whole walk.

This route is usually done in reverse i.e. up the waterfall, on to Green and Great Gable, then back down to Sty Head Tarn and Stockley Bridge.  I chose to go the other way round as I had a pretty good idea my wife would have turned back at the waterfall.  This was her second walk in the Lakes, following a trip up Cat Bells the day before.

Although I got a bit of grief for this arduous walk we all enjoyed it in the end.

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