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From "Scotland, Mountain Biking, The Wild Trails", an 8hr push through lovely scenery (done in reverse to book description). Done in good weather with good company, would have been hell otherwise.


After epic rides the day before, this seemed, from the book description, a nice gentle jaunt.  We went in reverse in order to start with a brutal but short looking climb/push to 600m followed by a nice 15 mile run out.  The climb was the carry we expected, but the kicker was that the trail from the pass down to the forest basically doesn't exist.  There are bits of sheeptrack, but it's largely making your way across open hillside where you rarely get to ride more than 20m before the next rivulet or bog requires getting off and carrying.  Done in reverse (as we did), we would have been stuffed were it not for the GPS to find where the trail is supposed to enter the forest; after that point, it was rideable, a somewhat boggy fire break eventually getting us back to unmetalled road.  The sweet spot was a diversion onto the riverside trail back into Invergarry, where we decided to take the road back to the cars in order to get back to civilisation early enough to hit a pub for a well-earned feed.

An awful bike route, but a good day out as we had excellent weather and a group of people that kept good humour even when we were 6hrs into a 4hr ride, only half-way around, and no idea where the damned trail had disappeared to.

Glad we did, wouldn't do it again.

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