Scawton walk one (Walking and Hiking) Route Details

Route Description

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A really nice circular route, taking in lots of different landscape.


Hard road, grass, stony trail, fields, sometimes muddy.

Hazards and warnings

A couple of steep slopes uphill, one steep slope downhill be careful when wet.

Detailed description

From the start point go through a small gateway follow the waymark down a wide track, notice the lakes on your right, plenty of wild fowl to be seen here.

Just past the last lake on your right you will see a waymark pointing to a small gateway, careful here as you have to cross a stream via stepping stones, through the gate bear right over a bridge to bring you onto a path that takes you to the small lake, at this point bear left. Follow the path through a short meadow till you come to a steep path of stone, this is quite a climb to the top where you will find a way mark pointing right. Follow the direction marker through a large  gateway and follow the field boundary till you get to a gate and a waymark on your left, go through the gate and head for the farm yard at the top, there are two entrances to the farm you should take the far right one, the path through the yard may be very muddy, once past the buildings you will come out onto the farm road keep right to go through the yard, just past the farm house on your right the trail branches of left down a sloping track as marked by the signpost, carry on down through the wood on this track till you come to a sharp left bend at the bottom, you will find yourself on a short hard road that goes uphill, before you think of going up this hill look to your left and you will see a muddy pathway between the trees, go down this path and it will turn  more grassy as you go further, keep following this path for quite a while. As you go you will pass by an uphill path to your left where you will notice a ladder up a tree with a seat on the top. Do not go up this path but keep straight on for a bit longer, there will be another path on your left miss this one also and look out for the next left path you come to, this will take you up a short slope and through a small gateway onto a wide grass verge, cross the verge to the farm road. Look directly across the road to a wall, there is a gate in the corner overshadowed by a large bush, you will find no waymark at this gate but go through and follow the hedge down the edge of the sometimes very muddy field,  go through another gate into the second field, walk down the hedge side till you get to the bottom where you will find another small gate and a waymark that will take you sharp left down a long slope, be careful down here as it is quiet slippy when wet, but take the time to notice things as it is an interesting little path.

When you reach the bottom bear right over the small bridge into a tiny meadow with a stile in the fence opposite, go over the style and you will find yourself back at the bridge that was at the start of he walk

go back through the gate to the stream with the stepping stones and spend a little time to taking in the beauty of the place before following the waymark left past the lakes and back to the start point.

Route Map

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