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A short walk with a sharp ascent to start followed by a pleasant saunter.


quite muddy

Hazards and warnings

Several sections of the path are steep and boggy and footing can be slippy

Detailed description

Park at the car park and turn right towards the track going passed the farm. Take this track as it climbs steeply, a short way up the track is a signpost saying "bridleway to Row Brow"

After a steep but not too long climb you emerge into fields where the radio masts are. Turn right at the top of the track and follow the trees along the edge of the field. Continue to skirt along the top of the field until you come to a gate the track here divides with the most noteable going through the gate. it also looks as though the path goes straight down from here but this is very steep and not the best to try. If you look closely you will find the track continues to skirt the edge of the field/tree line. Eventually you should come to a track which you follow down to Lady Mildred Ride - a fairly wide track about half way down the hill which you follow pretty much all the way back.


Cold and cloudy day - we had been busy most of the weekend so just wanted a short walk.  The initial ascent gets the blood flowing but the rest of the walk is fairly straight forward.

We took a wrong turn down and I ended up on my bum! but we got there in the end!

Would love to know who "lady Mildred" was.

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