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Pleasant sunday stroll


Pavements the whole route - suitable for pushchairs and wheelchairs

Hazards and warnings

Tides - DO NOT WAVE DODGE from marine drive and be carefull not to get cut off if you walk along the beach

Detailed description

A nice walk around some of scarboroughs best bits - even better early morning when it is quite and can be coupled with a cooked breakfast from one of the cafes along the route!


From the train station walk up falsgrave turning towards sainsburys at the traffic lights and then following the old cinder track to the cemetry before folowing the path around to join peasholm glen. This leads to Peasholm park where you can sit for a while and maybe listen to the organist in summer or take in the world famous lake battle in the summer months. after this follow the signs to the beach and go around the headland to the harbour and amuzements. Pass these stopping for a play if you want until you reach the roundabout under spa bridge - here turn right and staying on the right side of the road go on until you reach the duck pond then turn right up paradise hill to return to the train station

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