Alva Glen and Tillicoultry (Walking) Route Details

Route Description

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A pleasant walk up Alva glen and then through the counrty park to Tillicoultry and returning along the old railway line.


When we walked it all the tracks were good although there are short sections that could be difficult in poorer weather.

Hazards and warnings

Some of the tracks in Alva Glen are quite steep and there are several so there is potential for taking the wrong track.

Detailed description

A mid length round trip walk from the caravan site. the first section is along a road so its not the most pleasant but the rest of the walk is quite pleasant.

Alva glen has remnants of metal industry and has info signs to tell you about the history. The climb up the hillside is not too strenuous and there is a long pleasant return through woody counrty park.

The return along the old rail track is pleasant and treelined.


batteries ran out on the GPS when we got to Alva glen so I had to retrack to the shop which added some yards.

it was a lovely day and we planned to have a sarnie at a pub somewhere in Tillicoultry however we passed the most likely candidate and then could not find anywhere! We therefore ended up calling at the outlet centre were we found something. And I got a new waterproof coat!


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