Wintersett - Cold Hiendley (Walking) Route Details

Route Description

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A short and flat walk around lakes and woods


Mostly good paths. On the day we did it the roads, were so slippery we could hardly walk on them

Detailed description

Follow the old canal side path to Haw Park Woods, and then head towards the visitor's centre. Take the marked woodland path from the visitors centre to emerge onto the road by the Angler's Rest in Wintersett,

before following the road down the hill. Folow the path around the lakeside, before joining a footpath which takes you to Cold Hiendley, from where the start is not far.


A very cold day, with temperatures well below freezing, and a light dusting of snow. Oddly enough the untreated road were actually harder to walk on than the footpaths, as the roads had become coated with ice making even walking hard.

A few cars had managed to get along the road further polishing the ice.

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