Ruswarp To Sleights Canoeing (Canoeing) Route Details

Route Description

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This route has been popular to tourists since 1874 with a pleasent canoe or boat ride down the River Esk to Sleights with beautiful views and scenery.


It is best to do it in the summer when they are open. If the weather is bad they usually close it. The route is very easy in deep water most of the way.

Hazards and warnings

Be cafeful not to go past the Riverside Gardens Cafe at Sleights or else you could get stuck or even banned from using their canoes. (Please note that there is information about this where you hire your canoe)

Detailed description

This route can be reached by car from:

Leeds, York & Malton - Take A 64 to Malton, then A169 to Sleights and then B1410 to Ruswarp.

Pickering - Take A169 to Sleights then B1410 to Ruswarp.

Middlesborough - Take A171 to outskirts or Whitby then B1416 to Ruswarp.

Whitby - Take A171 out of town then B1416 to ruswarp.

Scarborough - Take A171 nearly to Robin Hoods Bay turn off and take B1416 to Ruswarp.


This route can be reached by direct bus from:

Whitby - Serive 95 Sleights bus.

Leeds, York, Malton & Pickering - Coastliner service 840 Whitby bus.


This route can be reached by direct train from:

Middlesborough - Northern rail service that runs normally 4 times a day plus 5 on summer Fridays & Whitby Regatta Monday.

Whitby - Same as Middlesborough read above.


I think this route is very good and relaxing as I have done it lots of time myself.  I will be looking forward to hearing what you think about it as well.

Route Map

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