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Route Description

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The paths on this walk are good country footpaths, you are never far away from the A1. The walk takes you round fields, woods, and open countryside, there were loads of snow drops out in Hampole wood when we were ther early Feb.


It had been a wet week before we walked it and the paths were very good, but caution should always be taken.

Hazards and warnings

2/3rds the way round, you go by "Rat Hole Farm" they do have alot of dogs which were ALL chained up when we passed, they bark alot and only doing there job.

Detailed description

We walked the route anti clock wise, but it can be done either way. Make sure you follow the way markes when you reach the woods


The first set of woods you walk pass after setting off, see if you can see the FALSE tree!!!! its a phone mass made to look like a tree.

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