Peak Forest - Edale - Hathersage (cycling) Route Details

Route Description

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A ride suitable for a morning, with some big hills, but most of the climbs are gradual, rather than insane


Quiet roads for the most part, with some busy A roads.

Hazards and warnings

Traffic as always in the Peak District.

Detailed description

From Peak Forest take the back road to the Castleton Road, before swinging over the pass just below Mam Tor, and then down into Edale. Then a few miles of fast but busy main road to Hathersage, and then onto the Grindleford road, before turning left at Leadmills onto the long stead climb over the top to Abney and the gliding club, and then on back roads to join the A623 about a mile short of Peak Forest and the start.


A dull and fairly cool morning meant the views were less stunning, but at least the heat was bearable.

The route offered a nice combination of fast roads, monster descents, lung busting climbs, and flowing roads, as well as some really quiet and pretty countryside.

Route Map

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