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A nice walk with a good variety of veiws


Mostly good although on section of the track just after the golf course was rather overgrown

Hazards and warnings


Detailed description

This nice walk takes in some nice countryside and gives some supirsing veiws from a low vantage piont.


From seacliffe car park walk back towards Filey road and take the road at the side of the university turn left along the track towards the golf course and follow this as it crosses the green.The path vias right passed to houses BUT DON'T GO THAT WAY! the footpath goes straight on along the edge of the field - it is not well signposted so watch out. the track was overgrown here and winds its way slowly uphill untill eventually emerging into open fields with quite wonderful veiws accros Cayton Carrs.the track follow the edge of the feild and eventuall comes out at the new road which you need to cross and follow the path behind the houses onto Osgodby Lane. Turn left and walk up the road towards the Barn Pub shortly after the pub there is another footpath between the houses which takes you behind the village and over a footbridge eventually coming to the clith path. Here turn left and follow the path back to the car park.The only possible place to go wrong from here is when the track dips into the dell at  Wheatcroft, here the footpath splits take the righthand path.

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