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One night wild camp at Fur Tor

Hazards and warnings

Military firing ranges, check for live firing times Days and nights on which firing is to take place are advertised in the Tavistock and Okehampton Times on Thursdays, and in The Western Morning News and Express and Echo every Friday and on BBC Radio Devon every morning. Notices are also displayed in neighbouring police stations, some Post Offices, some public houses, and in National Park and Tourist Information Centres. Details of firing programmes can also be obtained by using the Freephone telephone answering service on 0800-4584868


Overnight wild camp west of Fur Tor. Leaving the car at Lydford and catching the bus to Betty Cottles Cottage and returning to Lydford on the second day. Unfortunately the night turned out to be a sleepless one, we had pitched the tent in an exposed position to the west of Fur Tor, with a good view looking down towards Tavy Cleave and when we arrived there was little wind and we enjoyed a pleasant evening eating a Korma washed down with cider. Overnight the wind picked up and I began to wish I had picked a spot rather more sheltered. First windy night in a tunnel tent, will be seeking more shelter next time as the noise was deafening at times. The tent, a Hillebrg Kaitum 3 was flexing alarmingly in the stronger gusts but never succumbed to the wind and held its ground. Will put that one down to experience.

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