Crummock Water - Mellbreak (swimhiking) Route Details

Route Description

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This swimhike combines a double crossing of Crummock Water with a visit to Mellbreak and Scale Force.


A wetsuit is needed outside the summer, and you will need a swimsac to carry your shoes, clothes and navigation equipment across the lake.

Hazards and warnings

The usual warnings about mountain hiking and open water swimming apply. Consider wind and wave conditions before setting out, as swimming into a headwind with waves splashing your face can be very tiring.

Detailed description

1. Swim from Hause Point to Low Ling Crag
2. Climb Mellbreak. There is a great view from the top. 
3. Descend South to Black Beck and visit Scale Force—a spectacular split-level waterfall.
4. Follow Scale Beck down to Crummock Water and swim back to Hause Point
Crummock Water can be swum across in around 15-20 minutes for a good-average swimmer. A wetsuit is needed outside the summer. (You may want one in the summer too, depending on how you feel the cold.) There is no path up Mellbreak; the climb is over steep open ground. Look for two prominent gullies and aim for the North gully. This will bring you out just below the summit.

Route Map

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