Leeds Garforth Castleford (mountain biking) Route Details

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Easy offroad riding from Leeds and out east to Garforth


Cycleways, cyclepaths, and canalside paths.

Detailed description

From the centre of Leeds head east, soon the rash of new apartments gives way to a far less glamourous part of Leeds. Join the cycleway which heads east towards Temple Newsham. There's some nice riding on well surfaced bridleways and cycleways.

After crossing the road to Temple Newsham, there's a nice steep descent and climb into the woods, before joining the road. After crossing the A 63, join a further bridleway which passes around the edge of a new office park before crossing the M1. A pleasant bridleway takes you into Garforth. Pass through Garforth, until you pick up a converted railway which heads downhill across some nice countryside towards Castleford. We decided to climb the hill at the top of the nature reserver at Townclose Hill for the view. We headed down the railway, and until we joined a road which took use across a nature reserve (this isn't a bridlleway - you'll have to take the road to if you want to keep the route entirely 'legit)', and past an old railway bridge and along the canal, and into Castleford.

From Castleford we followed the south bank of the Aire, until we crossed the river using an old railway bridge, which is not a right of way, but popular with local walkers, and headed to Methley. From Methley, we followed the south side of the river Aire navigation. Due to a navigation mistake in the gathering dark we ended up of the south bank of the river, when the easier riding is on the north bank. Fortunatly, an old railway bridge provided a chance to correct the mistake. At Twaite Mill, we had to leave the canalside path due to some building work. The next section was dull, but soon had us back to the start, after passing through all the new development at Brewery Wharfe.

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