Teggs Nose Macclesfield Forest (mountain biking) Route Details

Route Description

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A long challenging, but not particularly technical route, based on the 'Grit and Gear's route published by Cheshire County Council.


Roads and tracks. Some main road which care needs to be taken on.

Detailed description

Park at Tegg's Nose country park, and head down the steep track. Turn right on a minor road and follow the road around a farm onto Forest Road. Follow this road uphill until it ends.

Pick up a farm track that heads east between open fields, before climbing alongside a forested area. When you come to a T junction turn left and follow the track down to a small hamlet. Join a minor road which heads to the curiously named Bottom-of-the-Oven, and then follow a road along the bottom of the valley towards Wildboarclough. At the road fork 1.5 miles down the road, turn left and then pickup a track on the right.

Follow the farm track up along a valley towards Cumberland Spout waterfall, besides a stream and a small wood. Turn right and uphill on to the moors at the junction at the head of the valley. At the A 54 turn left, and head along it for 3/4 a mile, until you see a bridleway on the left. Take the bridleway which climbs further as it crosses the moors until you reach the A 537 at the famous Cat and Fiddle Inn.

Carry on down the A 537, using the track on the left to avoid the main road. Take the first left on to a minor road which runs just south of the main road. You will come very close to Bottom-of-the-Oven which you passed earlier. You will need to rejoin the A 537 briefly by the Setter Dog Inn, before heading down a minor road back to the start at Tegg's Nose Country Park.

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