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Route Description

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A classic walk. Justifiably popular, which means, sadly, you'll not be enjoying the mountains in solitude. Striding Edge is of course a classic, where the line between hill walking and mountaineering becomes very blured.


Generally good solid paths, bar Striding Edge. Mud is not a problem.

Hazards and warnings

Stiding edge is not a place for people with a fear of heights. Nor it is a suitable for inexperienced walkers in poor conditions.

Detailed description

Start from the village and head up the road, before turning towards the campsite. Pass the campsite and begin the long slog onto the ridge. Then follow the ridge as it narrow and becomes the fearsome Striding Edge. Carry on up to Helwellyn and go north, and take the eastern fork which will take you down off the hill in a series of zig zags. At the bottom follow the track past the old mine workings and back to the start.

Route Map

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