Langdale Pikes & Pavey Ark from New Dungeon Ghyll (walking) Route Details

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Based on the longer Langdale Pikes and Sergeant Man walk posted on sharemyroutes by user Lakedistrictwalks (thank you!). Wanted a shorter route to introduce our 8 to 12 year old sons to the pleasure and drama of the Lakeland fells


Intermittent rain - but generally good visability locally. Neighbouring ranges were in cloud so no views of Crinkle Crags,Bowfell, Great Gable and beyond. Good views of the Langdale valley and beyond to Windermere


We have, for the past few years, been introducing our sons to the pleasures of the mountains in gradual increments. we started with a simple stroll in the Peak District, progressing to Catbells and then Snowdon. This year we wanted to try something a little more technically challenging with the reward of more drama and stunning views. We therefore settled upon the Langdale Pikes. Following on from the procession that is Snowdon we elected to follow the route (1 to Harrison Stickle) as described by Wainwright and thanks to user "Lakedistrictwalks". This was a good choice as this was a quiet route (we met only 1 party, coming back down, the whole way from NDG to the col between Thorn Crag and Loft Crag We felt this route was appropriate both in terms of duration (given the conditions) and technical challenge for our boys and would recommend it to others with similar aged children. Pile Of Stickle presented a nice, but short, technical scramble and the path down the North rake from Pavey Ark, being slippery due to the rain, showed the need for careful footing when descending! Altogether a great day out with the reward of a Pint (for the dads!) at the excellent New Dungeon Ghyll at the end of the day! Any suggestions of a slightly more challenging route for next year greatly appreciated.

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