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A cold wet and dark ride along the river and calder and heble canal to Wakey and back


Muddy tracks and some roads. Not suitable for beginner riders

Hazards and warnings

Some sections by the river are all too close to the river. Ride at your peril!


A muddy ride after dark in the depths of winter. Sadly, we deleted the track off the GPS so this is a recreation of the ride.

The riverside paths are not really for bikes, indeed they are often footpaths. However, they are fun, and nobody is likely to stop you, and you are not going to get in anyones way. If doing the ride in daylight hours please be pbe polite to other users.

The section from the M1 to the locks where the canal and calder join is great in summer, but in the winter it's pretty hard going and the odd section will have you pushing the bike.

There's new trail under contruction around Heath to link in with the trans pennine trail. It does take away the mud, but it does also mean a lovely section of riverside singletrack has gone.

Route Map

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