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A ride along the canal to Dewsbury and some mucking around on old railway lines


At the time, lovely and dry dirt trails

Hazards and warnings

Access could be blocked to the railway bridge by the health and safety fun police


We followed the usual route down to Addington, into the area patrolled by the rather eccentric landowner, who is well known for aggressively chasing people off the old railway line (which he doesn't actually own) and footpaths. Mad Max wasn't around so we carried on along a nice bit of footpath, err special bridleway, to the Calder and Hebble canal, and followed that to healy locks.

We then picked up the bridleway on the otherside, and just for fun carried on over the field to the old tramway bridge and back on the canal. As well as formal rights of way, there's much waste land and old railway lines which are not rights of way, but are often used by dog walkers and others, so are fair game for sneaky mountain biking.

We head to the edge of Dewsbury, and then picked up the old railway line, right at the end of the tracks from the cement works. We followed the old bridge over the Calder. Once again, it's not a right of way, but if you know where to look there are ways to get onto the structure. Why such a fine bridge over the Calder hasn't been converted into a footpath / cycleway is real shame, as it's dead handy.

We then followed the Dewsbury Osset branch of yet another old railway, until we reached the tunnel. The tunnel looks like a prime spot for some further urban exploration (not that I recommend that sort of thing...), and then followed the road uphill, and around the sewerage works. Beware the rather difficult to pass through with bikes gate by the Kerry food factory in Healy. Once past all that, we soon found overselves riding past the brewers pride, and then back to Horbury.

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