Horbury - Wrenthorpe - East Ardsley run (trail running) Route Details

Route Description

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A big run, trying to stay offroad for as much of the way as possible, taking in some nice countryside particularly in the big gap between towns between the M1 and East Ardsley.


Some minor roads, tracks and some paths across fields. Would be muddy in winter

Hazards and warnings

Nothing - but many of the paths are popular with suburban dog walkers who leave behind smelly piles of dog poo.

Detailed description

From Horbury, head down to Spring Mill beck and then across the M1. A farm track takes you to Hagg Lane, and the A638, before diving down towards the golf course.

After heading through a built up area, take a small path near Silcoates school. Follow this path along the edge of the housing estates, until a dirt trck takes you to a minor road from Kirkhamgate. Cross the A 650, and pick

up the minor road that take you to Carr Gate. Then pickup the suprisingly rural feeling Lawns Road that runs between the industrial estate and the M1. Cross the M1, and pickup a nice new gravel track that eventually ends up on Moor Knowl Lane, near the m62. The footpath that leaves this road is muddy and tricky to follow so it could be skipped without worry by staying on the road. Then cross Bradford Road (very busy!) pickup a footpath that runs across fields to eventually dive down to the side of East Ardsley reservior.

Circle the reservior until the access road, and then head along the residential streets to pickup a footpath that goes downhill through the housing estate to meet a pleasantly rolling wooded track. After crossing Batley road head along the footpath signposted as Leed Country Way (LCW) for a while, before being left

onto a path that heads over fields towards Gawthorpe school. Then pickup a path marked Flushdyke that passes between back gardens before crossing fields. At the farm follow the farm track downhill,

under the mainroad and onto Wakefield road. Cross over the road and follow a footpath that leads to Spring Mill park. Cross Queens Drive onto a bridleway that heads between houses before reaching an open field.

After the field, head uphill on Manor Road, and then take the bridleway across to Horbury (this is well signposted). Then head up the side of the graveyard and head towards the park.

Route Map

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