Horbury - Holmfirth - Huddersfield (cycling) Route Details

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A hilly ride out to Holmfirth and back via Huddersfield


Mostly small roads, bar the bit from Holmfirth to Huddersfield (main road with cycle lane)


A lovely but very windy day in early september. The way to Holmfirth is lovely and quiet but punishingly hilly. I followed some of the West Yorkshire Cycleway. From Holmfirth to Huddersfield was an a busy A road, but at lest there was a cycle lane most of the way.

From Hudderfield onwards I used part of the Spen Way Greenway to get out of the way of traffic. The Holmfirth section could be avoided making use of minor roads, but it would be a lot more hilly, as only the main road follows the valley bottom.

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