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Route Description

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A pleasant walk taking in open fields, woodland and coastal paths.


Generally good with some muddy sections around Danes Dyke where there are also some steep but short sections.

Hazards and warnings

The coastal paths can be dangerous in adverse weather so care is needed and keep a close eye on dogs and children

Detailed description

From Church streat proceed onto Crofts Hill and turn left down Water lane at the bend there is a footpath which takes you onto open fields.

You will then come to a belt of trees with a clear path that takes you through to  Danes Dyke.

At the main carpark take the track that goes behind the cafe you will eventually come out near the golf course and pass through on another clear path to Sewerby.

After passing the Cricket pavilion turn left towards the cliff and follow the cliff path back toward Flamborough. You will have to descend to the beach before climbing back up to the cliff when the path crosses Danes Dyke again but this is an opportunity to take a rest and enjoy the sea.

A short distance after rejoining the cliff path there is a footpath to the left which takes you over fields back to Flamborough.


Another good walk in pleasant company and on a sunny day the veiws are great. The relatively short walk was followed by fish and chips which we bought in the village and then took to eat at the Lighthouse carpark.

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