Armley - Shipley - Baildon Moor (mountain biking) Route Details

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A long ride with lots of easy riding on the canal, with a horrible climb up on to Baildon Moor, and a lovely decent into Shipley Glen


Most of the canal path is well surfaced, with the odd muddy bit, but Baildon Moor is muddy and rocky in places. There are some technical bits which may require pushing the bike in places.

Hazards and warnings

Getting shouted at when you ride on the often ridden footpath through Shipley Glen

Detailed description


The descent from Baildon Moor.

A mad descent in the quarry. More quarry antics. Yet more fun and games in the quarry.




We set out from the car park at Andy's work in Armley, to join the canal and a further two riders who had come from central Leeds. The weather was really cold, with ice on the canal, but much of the mud had frozen. Luckily the weather was clear blue skies, which was  anice change after a miserable week.

Pretty soon all 6 of use were spinning along the canal tow path to Saltire, where we stopped to meet another rider; a true mountain biking god, and get some food.

After Salts Mill, we headed up the horrible hill alongside the old Shipley Glen Tramway, before climbing Hope Lane (I hope it ends soon lane), and then onto the moors at Baildon Moor. There was patching snow and ice, which made riding a lot more interesting. After I did a comedy crash, which sent me flying down the hillside, John managed to stall, fail to bailout of his new SPDs and hit the snow. We paused to admire the views at the top of Baildon Moor, before heading down the lovely steep decent, before arriving at the quarry in Shipley Glen and messing around on the motorbike jumps.

We then set off along the narrow and at times unriddable path through Shipley Glen, before our progress was blocked by somebody that started shouting at us and grabbing John's bike. I know it's a footpath and all, but plenty of people use it by bike, and the majority of people on foot don't seem to mind as we make a point of being very polite. After that, some lovely twisting wooded single track took us to the bottom of the Glen and back out on to the road, and thence the canal.

The rest of the way was rather dull and we all got cold when John and myself both got flats from the thorn hedge at the canal side.

All in all, a great ride, great fun in a large group, and whilst cold, it was worth getting out in the depths of winter. Our timing was brilliant, as the following day there was a large dump of wet snow, which would have made the ride unpleasant.

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