Pike o Blisco and Crinkle Crags (Walking and Hiking) Route Details

Route Description

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Starting from (and returning to) The Old Dungeon Ghyll Hotel An energetic walk/hike/scramble of around 8 miles to blow away the cobwebs


Misty to start with, clearing by the time we reached the top. Torrential rain on the way down the Band

Detailed description

The peak of Pike o' Blisco can be seen from the car park on a clear day. Sadly, it was a bit misty when we set out. The majority of height gained on this walk is the steady walk/hike to the summit, up a man made rock staircase. The views all the way up are excellent. The walk continues from Pike o' Blisco, across to the rocky ridge of Crinkle Crags. Descent is by way of Three Tarns and The Band.

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