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A good easy walk for an afternoon, mostly flat on made footpaths but with some lovely views



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Start at the campsite and cross the road were there is a post to indicate a path through a strip of woodland.

After descending to the foreshore turn left and walk along the prom, this takes you all the way to Crammond with good views across the river if the weather is good.

At Crammond take the time to have a coffee at the cafe and watch the swans and boats on the river.

After a short break turn left up the side of the river passing a derelict mill and two weirs. The path ascend quite steeply at one piont up sone stairs but soons descends again to the river side.

Shortly before the bridge there is a road to the left with some very desirable houses from here you walk through residential area passing by two of the areas many golf courses, on comming to a crossroads turn left towards onto Crammond Rd towards lauriston castle before reaching the castle turn right down lauriston farm rd until you come to a roundabout.

At the roundabout pass by the golf club building on the left and pick up the path across the golf course, this is marked by a series of white posts. After emerging from the golf coast turn right back tothe campsite.


We had glorious weather for our walk and great views across the river. We stopped at the cafe and had one there special coffees which was lovely.

The walk along the river was magical and the reflections on the river fabulous.

On walking through the residential area we mused at the prices of the houses which you could only describe as rather large. At times we wondered if we had taken the righ road but as there were no real turnings it was fairly straight forward.

We first tried to pass the golf course on the right only to find this not possible so had to track back and go the other way but once on the green it was easy to see the markers which had been placed to guide our way.

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