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A pleasant day walk around the sights of Chatsworth Gardens, on a lovely September day, to see the sculptures dotted around the grounds in the 'Beyond Limits' exhibition.


Easy walking


My favourite bits would include the Narcissus Garden, by Yayoi Kusma, which consisted of hundreds of football sized, highly polished steel balls floating randomly in a large pond; and of course, the smaller version of Gormley's Angel of the North. This was positioned in a prime spot at the end of the canal pond, with gorgous views of the pond, the emperor fountain and the house beyond, making a perfect photo. Although identical to the more famous one in Gateshead, the much smaller version of the Angel of the North at Chatsworth was more approachable and on a human scale.

There were plenty of other works dotted around the site. Rather than try to see them all, we decided to just wander around and see what we could stumble upon. This allowed us to see the art in-situ as part of the landscape, rather than a series of installations to be gawped at in a strict timetable.

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