East Yorkshire Villages (walking) Route Details

Route Description

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Starting at the duck pond this route takes you up a slight hill north of Burton Agnes to get some fine veiws of the lowlands before heading towards Harpham with its lovely church and medievil earthworks. From there you head to Lowthorpe, take a little time to go to the church here too before heading back accross fields to Burton Agnes crossing Kelk Beck in the process.


Mostly good paths and some quiet country lanes

Hazards and warnings

Livestock may be present in some fields and the land around the earthworks is uneven.

Detailed description

Park by the duck pond then walk back to the main road turn left towards Driffield and then turn right up Rudston Rd. About 300yrds just past the cemetry take the footpath on the left accross the fields. The path was fairly well defined when walked but this may not always be the case. Walk straight accross to a tree line then diagonally to a lane. Turn left and follow the lane back down the hill to the main road. Cross the road then carry on on a minor road to Harpham. In Harpham contiue down the same road turn right at the bottom and go through the churchyar to the earthworks. here the path gets a little tricky you need to head in a southwesterly direction and it should be the second track on the left. Head toward Station Road and turn left down it for about 100 yards then turn right onto a footbridge accross the beck. follow the path accross the fields to lowthorpe turn right onto the road towards the church. Just past the church turn right onto a footpath which crosses several fields and the beck again before returning to Harpham. walk back through the village turning left past the pub and then right onto a footpath back to Burton Agnes.

Route Map

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