Driffield to Bridlington Wonderer (walking) Route Details

Route Description

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A pleasant walk taking in the Driffield Navigation Canal from Canal Head to Nafferton. The route goes through some pleasant villages including Nafferton, Kilham, Driffield and Rudston before a nice walk along the seafront in Bridlington.


Pretty easy going all the way using sign posted footpaths and very minor roads

Hazards and warnings

None really. There maybe some livestock in fields.

Detailed description

This walk is 22 miles in length so could be done over a couple of days. There is a camping site in Rudston at Thorpe Hall. Starting at the Railway Station in Driffield the route follows the Driffield Navigation from Canal Head. Follow the path on the canal side to Nafferton, and then walk through the village picking up a path which goes to Low Thorpe. From Low Thorpe walk onwards to Harpham and Burton Agnes. If time allows make a visit to Burton Agnes Hall, a family owned residence for many years has lots of appeal to visitors. From Burton Agnes the walk heads towards Woldgate, once at Woldgate follow the path onto the Kiham Road which will lead into Rudston. When in Rudston take a look at the Rudston Monolith in the church yard. The path then leads from Rudston back to Woldgate where you will walk along until you walk up to the path which goes past Carnaby Temple which was built many years ago as a folly by the then landowner. Continue through Carbaby and make your way towards the small village of Bessingby. Walk through Bessingby and take a path that leads across the railway track onto Kingsgate. From here walk onto the seafront at Wilsthorpe to take a pleasant walk along the south promenade to the harbour. Make you way from here to the finish which is at Priory Church.

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