Dores, Inverfarigaig, Loch Duntelchaig Loop, by Loch Ness (Cycling) Route Details

Route Description

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This is a very scenic route which can be completed in under two hours if you're energetic or made into a day out for the more leisurely. There is a big climb but even if you walk up it there is still loads of fairly easy cycling and the views make it worth the effort.


This route should be fine most days of the year but these are real back roads so don't expect them to be gritted on frosty mornings. The higher parts of the route reach over 1000ft so you should be prepared for dramatic changes in the weather.

Hazards and warnings

The roads are quiet but they are also narrow so some co-operation between road users is required. Watch out for sheep on the higher parts of the route.

Detailed description

From Dores head along the B852, which hugs the the southern shore of Loch Ness. After eight miles you'll reach Inverfarigaig where there is an inconspicuous road on the left just past the white houses. Be careful not to miss it, the only sign is one warning of its unsuitability for caravans. This road hairpins steeply at first before mellowing into a more steady climb. After a further five miles turn left and follow this road all the way back to the start in Dores.


The B852 between Dores and Inverfarigaig offers the best opportunity for cyclists to ride close to the loch. There are several large laybys along this stretch with picnic tables and access to the shore. At Inverfarigaig, an informative visitor centre opens the way to many forest walks, with fine views over the loch and gorge. The visitor centre is a short distance off this route and the village of Foyers with its spectacular waterfall lies a couple of miles further down the loch. As the route climbs out of Inverfarigaig the landscape changes as the forest of the loch-side gives way to moorland and rock. The plateau is peppered with lochs and the route passes close to Loch Ceo Glais and then Loch Duntelchaig. Loch Ness once again comes into view as the route descends rapidly back to Dores.

Route Map

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