Circular Walk to the medieval village of Cottam in the Yorkshire Wolds (Circular - Cottam via Deserted) Route Details

Route Description

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Takes in the dry valleys of the Yorkshire Wolds and a medieval deserted village


Usually quite firm under foot. One steep hill climb out of Phillips Slack

Hazards and warnings


Detailed description

Start the route at Cowlam Manor, then head through the farm yard. The route bears to the right and descends into Cowlam Well Dale. Keep the tree plantation on the right and keep walking to the bottom of the track. At this point the track will be taken to the left up  the valley called Phillips Slack. Continue walking for approximately 0.7 miles. Climb the stile and climb the side of the valley and continue walking to the farm track at the top of the field. Turn right, and continue walking to the farm at Cottam Grange and walk through the farm yard and climb the stile. Continue walking to the deserted medieval village of Cottam where you will see a derelict church and cultivation terraces. At this point the route goes behind Cottam House and continues for 700 metres across the disused runway of RAF Cottam.Turn left and continue for 1.5 miles and turn right onto the minor road. Walk up the road to the north taking a right turn on to Cottam Well Dale. The route then continues up the valley, and soon you will be at the point that you entered Phillips Slack. Turn left at this point, and head back to Cowlam Manor which is the end of the walk.


This is a pleasant walk of around 7.5 miles.  When I did it the weather was very cold, and there was a light covering of snow. Navigation is very easy and the walking route is signed all the way around. Places of interest include the dry valleys which are hidden from the main road, the deserted village of Cottam and its disused church.

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