Little Stand (Short Walk) Route Details

Route Description

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Short walk to cover the one we couldn't do.


Fair and very cold

Hazards and warnings

The usual. Hidden holes, slippery and loose rocks and the occasional ninja sheep that jump out of hidden leas.

Detailed description

Short and sharp. 

The start was flat and easy, being paralel with the road.  When you get to the old buildings you turn up and it is very steep.  When we got to Red How we just walked arround the base of the summit to have a look at the crinkles and over to the scafells.

Coming down from this end was initially hard as it was over a couple of ledges before we hit slope to the valley.

Apart from the loose rocks the return was fairly easy and quick.

I have maked this a level three(??) as the only hard bits were the steep uphill and the minor scramble over the ledges on the way back.


Not being able to do the route we wanted, and it been late in the day, we chose to do this instead. 


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