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A classic walk up on of the Yorkshire three peaks


Well made gravel paths

Hazards and warnings

There are many cave entrances, some have huge and ungaurded drops. Caves can be extremely dangerous

Detailed description

Park in the village and follow the path to the for Ingleborough cave. There's a small entry fee to use the lakeside path, or you use the bridleway that runs parallel above the lake, but the lakeside path is far nicer.

At the cave carry on up the dry valley before turning left up Trow Gill and heading up the gorge. Then follow the obvious path up, passing the scary, yawning abyss of Gaping Gill, before climbing the steep steeps to the summit. The summit is 724 metres and on a clear day the views are outstanding. From the summit, head east on the path which descends below the ridge. Pass the ruined cottage and carry on towards the limestone karst. You can short cut across the karst, but the path is hard to follow and the ground tricky to walk on and you'll inevitably end up clambering over rocks and taking longer than following the better path.

At the junction turn right and follow the obvious path SW along the edge of the limestone pavement, before descending towards the valley you walked up earlier. Follow long lane (yes - it does feel long by then), until after you pass woods on your right, you come to a junction with a track. Turn right and head down towards the village, passing through a strange tunnel before you reach the top of the village.

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