Chatsworth 081212 (walking) Route Details

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A walk taking in the Chatsworth estate. Starting from Birchen Edge carpark (free), permissive paths and open access land are crossed to reach numerous features including; Dobb Edge, Chatsworth hunting tower, Stand Wood, the lakes & viaduct feeding the Chatsworth cascade water feature. The walk drops into Chatsworth grounds for a cafe & loo stop then returns back up winding steps to the tower again, this time passing Swiss lake & working around to cross the front of the estate & house. Upon leaving the estate, a final loop climps up through Baslow taking in Eagle Stone, Wellington's Monument crossing to Birchen Edge for Nelson's Monument and the three ships stones, a final steep descent returns us to the carpark.

Hazards and warnings

The terrain is wet & muddy in places and some of the open access land will have thick bracken.

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