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Route Description

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A gentle walk up beside Grwyne Fawr reservoir towards the northern escarpment of the Black Mountains before turning left on to the summit of Waun Fach.


Blue skies, warm sunshine and a surprising amount of snow.

Hazards and warnings

Stream crossing on final part of descent. On flat rock and not too slippery so should not cause any major problems.

Detailed description

From the car park follow the stony track up towards the reservoir (not the tarmaced road). From the dam keep right of the trees on the stony track and gently climb towards the escarpment. Turn left and climb towards Waun Fach passing the fine looking ridge of Y Grib on your right. Quickly pass the horrible mess that is Waun Fach and continue on to Pen Y Gadair a much nicer place to linger than Waun Fach. Drop down beside the forest until the valley narrows, cross the stream and make for a grassy path returning to the valley. Careful at the bottom as an uprooted tree means detouring left to reach an easy crossing over the stream alongside the river. Head back towards the car park over a small foot bridge.

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