2 oct 2010 tryfan (walking) Route Details

Route Description

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This is a very challenging route, i decided to go round the Eastern side and avoid the North Ridge as my son came with me.


As with all mountain walks condition can change quickly, it can be very windy on the western side .

Hazards and warnings

There are the usal hazards you would expext from this kind of walk most of the paths this route follows are well defined , and there is some scrambling so take care on these sections.

Detailed description

This is a grade 5-6 walk and is worth the effort, you start you walk at the base of Tryfan and work you way up between two rocky out crops on your left , the path is well defined so follow until you get to a stone wall with a ladder style .

From here on just follow the path that bares off slightly to the left.. You will be just below the heather path some times you see  rock climbers climbing for the summit. there are a few areas which are a bit wet under foot about a mile in to your walk .

As you get closer to the end of the path you will see a small lake in front of you , bare right and follow the winding path , untill you get to another stone wall and style.

From here there is a route up to Glyders but thats another route yet to be done. You can stop here and have a break and take in the view down Cwm Bochlwyd and Llyn Bochlwydd.

Now you have had you break its time for a scramble to the summit, take your time as there will be others comeing down. You have to choose you way up to the summit there are places to stop for a breather and take in the views.

Once you get to the summit its time to have a break and make you way down, this is not easy but again take you time and pick you steps carefully once through the  boulders you can see the ground leveling off a bit but make sure  you dont bear to much to the left as it is harder to make your way down.

Now you have Llyn Bolchlwyd in your view  a defined path comes down on your left with steps . turn right and follow the path down passed the water fall . Cross a small stream then your on the home run. The route down from the summit is only defined once you are out of the boulders so my tip is to look ahead and try and aim for the north tip of the lake . stop check which way you can go the start again .

Route Map

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