Route 3 Full Snowdon Horseshoe (hiking) Route Details

Route Description

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Start on the Pyg Track and divert up to Crib Goch


Well worn track into rock scrambles

Hazards and warnings

Polished rocks on Crib Goch and Garnedd Ugain if wet can be dangerous. Take your time and DO NOT GET RUSHED BY OTHERS

Detailed description

The tracks are well worn and navigation is easy. If the weather is wet and/or windy and you haven't been up Crib Goch before, I'd leave it for another day and stay on the Pyg track up to Snowdon. That's a good walk as well. Most people turn around at Snowdon, so the walk to Y Lliwedd East and West is usually quiet. Being at the top of Snowdon when the cloud is below the peak is probably the best view you could ever wish for.


Beat the crowds and start at first light if you can get up! Although this is one of the most popular routes, it is not to be underestimated. The scrambling is good fun if it's not been done before, it can also turn into brown pants day if the wind picks up!

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