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A lovely walk in any season, through woods, with plenty of see, and plces to stop and admire the views. Suitable for children who don't mind a longish walk


Easy well marked paths

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From the car park head through the village and cross the stepping stones. if the water is high use the footbridge. You can miss out the hike up the hill to Storiths by staying near the river, or head up to the Buffers cafe, bnefore dropping back down a minor road, and picking up the river side path.

The path climbs steadily through the woods, passing various view points over the river. At the stone bridge which carries the water supply from the dales to distant Bradford, either cross to cut the route short, or carry on along some lovely meadows to Barden bridge where an icecream van provides a welcome excuse to stop.

Then cross the bridge and head down the other side of the river. A narrow and rocky path takes you to the Stid, so called because it could be crossed in a Stride. Or you can stay on a flatter path above to avoid the tricky bits. The Strid is very pretty, where the river is forced into a channel narrow enough to jump across, but full of deep manacing waters . Do respect the water and take care of the slippery rocks next to the water, as it has been the site of fatalities.

After the Stid the path becomes flatter and wider (in fact it's wheel chair accessible from the Wooden Bridge car park), and passes the woodland work shop of the 'Bodger', who carves the local timber into furniture. At the Cavendish Pavillion by the wooden bridge there's a cafe and toilets, as well as another car park. Although it can be busy with picnicers, it's a very pretty location.

Carry on down the river, before climbing up to the Cavendish Memorial, a fountain to commerate Frederick Cavendish, a member of the land owners family. Stop to enjoy the views of the ruined priory, and carry on towards the ruins. Pass through the grave yard, and the ruins, before going inside the ancient and pretty 850 year old church. The stained glass in the afternoon sun is particularly pretty. 


A walk on a lovely warm and sunny Spetember day. Warm, yet with the touch of coolness hinting at the coming of colder days.

The walk can be done in either direction, and can be shortened in several ways. The must see locations are the ruins of Bolton Priory and the Strid. We did it in the order we did to stop for lunch at the Buffers cafe, a homely cafe in Storiths.


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