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A walk over the northern part of Dartmoor. First half of walk is on easy to follow tracks. The second part follows faint paths but is generally easy to follow.


Powdery snow over ice

Detailed description

Follow the wide tracks as far as Cullver Steps then keep to the stream on your left hand side as it climbs up towards East Okement Farm. you could follow the track here but the path beside the stream is far prettier. Once past Oke Tor and having crossed the River Taw just west of Steeperton Tor look for a path on your left leading to the summit. The further south you go the easier angled the paths/tracks leading to the summit become. Dont worry if your path of choice fades to nothing, just head towards the tors visible at the southern end of the summit. From Steeperton Tor head north down the ridge to the stream, cross the stream and pick up a path that skirts the flanks of Oke Tor on the left and Taw Marsh on the right.

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