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Route Description

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A walk through a narrow gorge, said to be haunted by a particularly nasty black phantom dog which features in many local legends.


Rough and rather rocky paths, and trackless open access land, as well as more easy paths.

Hazards and warnings

Apart from the mythical dangers of the Barghest, Trollers Gill can also be dangerous after rain, when flood water gushes down the gill leaving you no escape from the waters.

Detailed description

Follow the road to Skyreholme, and up into the valley below Trollers Gill. Follow the path into the Gill, but only if the waters are low enough, and no rainstorms are predicted as it's no place to be stuck in rising waters. Go up the narrow and rough stream bed into the narrow rocky gorge, said to be the haunt of the terrible Barghest ( At the end of the gorge, below the old dam, follow the path up past the old mine workings, keeping a look out for the white lead ore that lies all around. Then take the green lane of Black Hill road to a junction, where you turn left and along another lane, before crossing the beck, and shortly afterward picking up a southly path across rough ground. Pick you way across the open moor until you pick up a path which crosses the cover aquaduct which supplies water to Bradford, before dropping on to a farm track that passes several farm. By the edge of the campsite, take the northwards footpath which takes you back across the fields to Skyreholm and the start. 


A hot summer day and a chance to explore the cool depths of Trollers Gill. Not a place to linger at night if you believe local legends of the Barghest....

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