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Route Description

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4 peaks, Roman Road, Beacons Way


Cloudy, foggy at the start with difficult navigation (see over shoot of the peak of Fan Frynych!). Boggy underfoot. Didn't rain once! -4 temp.

Hazards and warnings

Very boggy throughout. Some testing terrain including the infamous Beacon babies heads especially around Craig Cwm-du. The descent off Craig Cerrig Gleisiad is very steep and extremely slippery when wet, the contours on the 1:25k maps just don't warn you of the test ahead.

Detailed description

A path up to the spot height (464) the path then disappears and the terrain is boggy until you hit the ascent of Fan Frynych. Rocky at times but plenty of other footsteps have created mud steps. Keep an eye out for the path that bears left to the trig point, easily missed if your chatting in the fog! Follow the path SE (not much of a path, but mainly shorter grass) until the dog leg and aim South off towards the Roman Road which is visible from the dog leg. A tricky and very wet descent but drier near to the small copse.

The Roman Road isn't as straight as expected, although a decent path. This sections holds a lot of snow in winter given the lack of direct sunlight and is also regularly used by off road scramblers. The track then joins the tarmac road and this is followed to the first corner of the remains of the Roman Camp, where we turned East, across the bridge and along the fence line. We didn't notice a style although there were a few rocks built up to climb the barbed wire fence to begin your steady climb of Fan Llia. Some cracking views from the top here, over to Fan Fawr and Corn Ddu to the East and stright through to Fan Gyhirych to the West.

We followed the fence line then along the top of Craig Cwm-du for  a stunning view down the valley. We handrailed the fence, but I think next time I'd hit the high ground for better footing. We then hit the peak of Craif Cerrig Gleisiad with it's small pile of stones and sheep skull thinking the walk was pretty much done. The contours on the 1:25k just don't warn you enough of the very steep descent back to the layby. Some people hugged the fence and used it to aid the drop others zig zagged, but all fell at one stage, but it was soaking.


It gets a 2 for difficulty for the descent at the finish an the testing terrain when wet.

Route Map

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