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A great route encompassing an impressive but non-too-dangerous peak. Good views and a good workout.


Sunny with cloud Fairly still at the top

Hazards and warnings

Crevaces across the glacier. Swiss army sometimes use the glacier for grenade training!!! Some cables near summit Group should be able and fit with good walking gear

Detailed description

Glacier moving to Rocky mountain into rugged glacial valley.  Winter would no doubt be very icy but summer really was a walk in an adventurous park.  The Oldenegg cable car is a great price for the descent and makes the first one seem very expensive.

Recomend for fit, smallish groups with good equipment, and a head for heights and small summit areas...


Catch the cable car to the top and have a nice walk across the glacier to the col at the bottom of the East ridge of the Oldenhorn. The path is well marked in summer.

From there head up the 'well' marked but steep path to the summit.  We pushed it a bit knowing it should take a good 2 hours to summit and infact made it in 1.5 hours up.  In cloud for the final section.  Down to the col took a mere 25 minutes!

During our descent we enjoyed the rugged valley shown on the route and had very close encounters with Ibex, who seemed as happy to watch us from around 30 metres as we were to watch them.  We also experienced 3 Marmots posturing to us as we almost tripped over them!

A great walk all told, and a well priced cable car down (around £6 each)

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