Overnight Ueschinenhütte Hike (Hiking) Route Details

Route Description

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Hike to the Ueschinenhütte above Kandersteg at 1890m

Detailed description

This is an excellent opportunity for younger Scouts to experience a night in a high alpine hut. The Ueschinenhütte is the Centre’s very own hut at 1'890m. You will depart the Centre at 14:00 with your staff guide using the Allmenalp Cable Car to gain height quickly. The path then traverses into the Ueschinen Valley with breathtaking views of the village and surrounding area. Once in the Ueschinen Valley it’s a steady but easy climb to the Ueschinenhütte passing through traditional high alpine farms. You will spend the night in the hut, then the following morning your staff guide will bring you back down to the Centre in time for lunch!

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