29-NOV-09 (hiking) Route Details

Route Description

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There are lots of other trail offshoots that make it hard to find the correct one that goes up the mountain. Once you come up the stairs from the stone bridge, you'll run into a house. Turn left and follow the main two-track back until the trail starts. Follow the main trail until there's a split. Take the upper (left) trail. I haven't been here in a while, and you can see by the track that there was some confusion in the beginning about which trail to take...


Sunny, but still slippery when we hit it.

Hazards and warnings

Very slippery red clay, and some parts can be a little steep. Some serious 45 degree drop offs on both sides of the trail further up. Great for the little ones, but hold their hands. BIG spiders in the warm months. Not dangerous, but scary, none the less!

Detailed description

Easy trail from sea level to a 200 meter peak through the jungle.

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